Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren Gear Up For Custody Battle

With news that Elin Nordgegren is preparing for a divorce from Tiger Woods, rumors are circulating about who is going to have custody over their two children.

Elin, understandably a little bit fed up with American men, has decided to return to Sweden and wants to bring her children with her. Tiger is upset that his children will be so far away from him and wants to gain custody over the children to ensure that he can see them often. Sounds like a custody battle is brewing!

The two have been splitting time with the children since news of Tiger’s scandal broke and Tiger has expressed regret at missing his son’s first birthday while he was in treatment.

A source tells RadarOnline that custody, not money, may be the big issue during the couple’s divorce.

Elin may have an advantage over Tiger for the custody battle since his “transgressions” don’t exactly paint Tiger as fostering a good environment for children all on his own. But Tiger has showed devotion to his children, and his celebrity status might sway the judges in his favor.