Jennifer Aniston Is Naked, Lonely, And Selling Perfume

Jennifer Aniston Is Naked, Lonely, And Selling Perfume-photo

What is poor, sad Jennifer Aniston up to now? Just selling Lolavie perfume, by looking gorgeous and lonely and half-naked, of course.

Jen is often painted by the tabloids as being something of a desperate divorcee, but usually she doesn't pander to the public perception of her being a lonely, sad lady. However, maybe being naked, lonely and gorgeous really helps to sell perfume!

You have to admit, she has the best hair of any lonely woman stranded on a beach with nothing but an afghan to keep her warm.



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  • anoni

    i agree, the ad has a lonely and unhappy vibe, certainly not laughing at life (maybe just at her sympathetic fanbase), or projecting the image of an independent woman. she knows what sells, and if people stop feeling sorry for her it's over. guess the pity party continues for another 5 yrs.

  • Manniston suxs
    Manniston suxs

    desperate to advertise in just a towel. maybe they can photoshop her to look like she weighs only 80 lbs. instead of the 90 lbs.

  • whateva

    I love how people just assume this woman is lonely just because she doesn't have some man hanging all over her. How do they know Jen's doesn't have some man hanging in the background? She sure as heck doesn't look lonely to me. Just because she doesn't like her business being blasted from every planet doesn't mean she's not getting her's. The woman probably has two or three men waiting for a beep. And with the money this woman's got, i don't think she has anything to worry about. Some people need to stop worrying about Ms. Aniston, because i have a feeling she's getting hers.

  • Joan

    I would give anything to be naked, lonely and selling perfume if I could earn just half of what she earns. Go Jen.

  • freshup16

    I would be naked all the time with that body too!! Lonely?? dont think so, she gets to screww all the hot guys in hollywood and cash in on movies and perfume!! Dont feel sorry for her!! she's pimpin'!! you go girl!!!