Is Liam Hemsworth the Next Taylor Lautner? Let the Fiery Debate Begin!

Is Liam Hemsworth any match for the ab-tacular grandeur of Taylor Lautner? Hollywood seems to think so.

Hemsworth, perhaps best known for dating Miley Cyrus on and off the big screen, is being courted to replace New Moon hunk Lautner in the upcoming flick Northern Lights, which Lautner dropped out of shortly after landing the part earlier this year, because he’s just way too awesomely busy these days.

Lautner was reportedly offered $7.5 million to do the film, which revolves around a quartet of stunt pilots. It’s not known how much Liam might rake in for the part, but we’re guessing a lot less.

According to a source, the studio ha already reached out to Hemsworth, but it’s uncertain if he’ll accept:

“The offer is true, but who knows if he’ll do it.”

Perhaps he’s contemplating how many crunches he’d have to do to get his abs into T-Laut territory? 

While Liam mulls the offer over, let us know in the comments section: Do you think he’s an acceptable substitute for Taylor?

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