Larry King Makes Last-Minute Bid to Save His Marriage, Half His Fortune

Apparently, Larry King isn’t as eager to make his eighth trip to divorce court as he first seemed. The Larry King Live host, who earlier this week filed papers to dissolve his 13-year marriage to Shawn Southwick, is now reportedly trying to reconcile with her.

According to sources, the two say that they still love each other and have agreed to enter therapy in an effort to save their union. Of course, it’s entirely possible that King’s sudden about-face is due to the realization that he hadn’t signed a prenuptial agreement with Southwick, leaving half of his considerable assets vulnerable, but hey—this is no time for cynicism.

One big hitch in the reconciliation plans: Southwick is still reportedly under the impression that King is carrying on an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann—an allegation that Engemann has  flatly denied. At the very least, that should give them plenty to talk about at the therapy sessions.