BUZZINGS: Danny Glover Ups The Celebrity Activist Ante By Getting Arrested At Union Protest

Danny Glover was arrested this weekend in Maryland during a labor union protest of Sodex food company. Somewhere Sean Penn is seething in anger that he didn’t think of this first. (PopEater)

Christina Applegate announced her engagement to Porno for Pyros musician Martyn LeNoble. Congratulations! (Wonderwall)

Matthew McConaughey announced at the ACM awards that his daughter was conceived after last year’s award ceremony. Isn’t that kind of TMI and embarrassing admission usually reserved for Facebook statuses? (Huffington Post)

Michelle McGee’s ex-husband claims she tried to hatch a murder plot against Sandra Bullock, because being just a homewrecker just wasn’t seedy enough for Michelle. (LimeLife)

Cheech and Chong both have medical marijuana cards. Try to contain your surprise. (Starpulse)