Kristen Stewart Goes Undercover as a Teenage Boy at Coachella, Smiles (PHOTOS)

Nice try, Kristen Stewart; you almost had us fooled, but not quite. The New Moon stunner showed up at the LACOSTE Pool Party at this weekend’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, looking like a guy who auditioned for Fall Out Boy once before they made it big, but failed to make the cut because he had to pawn his amp to pay off his cable bill and weed dealer.

We can only assume that K-Stew’s effort to go incognito had something to do with her uncharacteristically cheery demeanor. Because being spotted smiling twice in one year isn’t going to help her retain her title as Hollywood’s biggest Gloomy Gladys, now, is it?

Click through the photo gallery to experience K-Stew’s incognito FAIL. And for all things Twilight-related, head on over to The Forks Report.