Kristen Stewart Goes Undercover as a Teenage Boy at Coachella, Smiles (PHOTOS)

Nice try, Kristen Stewart; you almost had us fooled, but not quite. The New Moon stunner showed up at the LACOSTE Pool Party at this weekend's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, looking like a guy who auditioned for Fall Out Boy once before they made it big, but failed to make the cut because he had to pawn his amp to pay off his cable bill and weed dealer.

We can only assume that K-Stew's effort to go incognito had something to do with her uncharacteristically cheery demeanor. Because being spotted smiling twice in one year isn't going to help her retain her title as Hollywood's biggest Gloomy Gladys, now, is it?

Click through the photo gallery to experience K-Stew's incognito FAIL. And for all things Twilight-related, head on over to The Forks Report.



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  • ivy

    astig!......(filipino language)

  • sydsouth

    * She wishes she was a chola. Fake!!*

  • rNoOO

    woow that cooool i love it she vere cool that Style vere cool and Nice

  • vicky

    she's cool man, just like Joan Jett~

  • Sav

    psssht. she doesn't look like a boy to me. but I also don't think she's a pretty girl. nor a good actress.

  • get real
    get real

    She may dress like a boy when she isn't being told what to wear by Industry shot-callers but she's still hot. When someone says a girl looks like a "teenage boy", it's usually only if the "teenage boy" she's being compared to looks a bit 'soft'(for lack of a better description). And by soft I don't mean "sissy"....I mean boyish and tomboyish are both in stark contrast to "manly". Manly usually involves rougher skin and features, etc. To be honest, I don't even see the appeal of "manly"...might as well cuddle a rock. lol

  • Sammy

    Ah, she's fine. Even has on lipstick. She's just bummin' it in the heat. She's a pretty girl and skinny. Slack cutting is in order.

  • Ash

    Whatever! Chick looks like a dude!

  • Francielma Souza
    Francielma Souza

    Kristen é a estrela do momento e se depender da junventude de hoje ela vai continuar sendo por muito tempo. Ela tem seu proprio estilo e admiro isso nela. Ela é muito, muito linda... Não importa como ela esteja vestida, seu rosto é facinante e encanta a todos. Francielma/Parelhas/Brasil.

  • rmgh13

    Honestly.. I really thought it was a guy when I saw this pic so I didn't bother clicking on it.. then I saw it again on another wedsite saying "Kristen Stewart" and I was like "Whaaat?!" LOL

  • lii

    what a stupid article come on celebuzz please...

  • step

    nice to see her being comfortable in anything she wants to wear and that she doesn't give a f@#$ of what people say or think of her. still beautiful does not look like a boy to me too pretty to resemble one

  • uwudluvme

    What haters!!!! Just couse you're a female movie star in Hollywood doesn't mean you have to be girlie and look like a fake b*****! Thats why Rob loves her!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    That title is funny and damn this girl does resemble a boy.

  • ME

    She looks like a boy. At first I thought it was Justin Bieber, but he's way cuter. Seriously, does she even try???