Lady GaGa Set to Balance American Idol’s Post-Paula Insanity Deficit

Does it seem like this season of American Idol has been lacking a bit in the excitement department to anybody else? Yeah, totally, right? Like, if it gets any more exciting, a funeral might break out?

You know what they need to liven things up a little? That’s right, a little Lady GaGa. And that’s exactly what they’re getting!

The Pantless One took some time out from utterly freaking out Japan over the weekend to let her fans know that she’ll be appearing on the singing competition next month, tweeting

“See you on American Idol. MAY 5th, Little Monsters.”

Lamentably, it appears that GaGa’s participation will be limited to a performance, and won’t include any mentoring, because if any group could stand to learn the importance of commanding attention—say, by wearing a silver lobster on one’s head—it’s the current Idol crew. Hopefully a few lessons will sink in anyway.

Are you psyched to see GaGa on American Idol? Share your glee or dread in the comments section.