The Jonas Brothers And Demi Lovato Greet A Sea Of Fans At 'Oceans' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Teen super couple Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas stepped out to attend the Oceans premiere in Hollywood this weekend.

Joe's brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas were also in attendance, with Kevin and Joe showing off their matching gray suits (Nick was the rebel and opted for a "gray-beige" suit).

Click here for more photos and don't forget to see all of our red carpet coverage over at Infinite Red Carpet.



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  • Ada Hernandez
    Ada Hernandez

    yall 2 really make a good couple............. i'm not a fan of yall 2 but you 2 really look cute together

  • hsnluvr

    Demi and Joe make such a sexy couple. I wish they'd release a sex

  • isi

    a nick le quedaba un poco apretado el traje !!!

  • jemilove

    [quote=Stanka Saskyova]They are sooo not dating for real yes they are she said it in a interview and so did he look it up on youtube

  • jemilove

    i think it true love dont you

  • nnnnn

    they look so cute together

  • germanxxannie

    they're really cute together, but he started dressing like a nerd. that shirt is so ugly.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    They are sooo not dating for real

  • Jess

    Have you been living under a rock? Or are you just ignoring the pics of them having dinner? And lunch? And when they went to the store?

  • freshup16

    sorry tweens!! these 2 are only together for publicity, they need the attention right now, dont you ever wonder why you never see any candid everyday photos of them together?? only premiers and red carpets.

  • freshup16

    LOL!! Keving looks like he doesnt even have a peen compared to his little brothers.. haha his wife must not like the peen so much

  • Duuuuude

    She's hot, leave her alone. XD

  • Sketch

    OKAY, Nick! You have the biggest one! No need to brag!.. Loosen.. the.. pants.. or something! Geez.. ;) Dude, why you looking there? Creep much? He looks good, but Joe is my fav. JEMI ftw. ;)

  • Aly

    he's dreamy

  • michelle

    i wonder y other people call demi fat, she isn't even fat...she has curves nd there r more fat people out there, so they shouldn't be talking...nd i'm not fat either, i'm totally happy with my body, i'm 14 nd weigh 104 pounds

  • michelle

    aw joe nd demi make such a great couple, totally luv them together

  • jen

    no one cares about this future trainwreck

  • Loreley

    OKAY, Nick! You have the biggest one! No need to brag!.. Loosen.. the.. pants.. or something! Geez.. ;)