Unemployed Lindsay Lohan Unsurprisingly Racks Up $600,000 In Credit Card Debt

Unemployed actress Lindsay Lohan has racked up $600,000 in credit card debt. Why doesn’t this surprise us?

There was a time when Lindsay was rolling in cash from jobs, endorsement deals, and record contracts, but those days are long gone. Now Lindsay mostly keeps herself busy by stumbling around Los Angeles and suing companies who dare to use the word “Lindsay” in their commercials. Unfortunately this doesn’t actually earn Lindsay any money.

Lindsay is a notorious fashion-addict, so it doesn’t surprise us that her days spent shopping and nights spent partying were finally going to catch up with her.

According to a source, one of Lindsay’s credit card companies has completely cut her off while others are considering discussing payment plans with the starlet.

A few weeks ago, Lindsay was facing eviction but saved herself from getting thrown out on the street by coughing up $23,000 in back rent.