BUZZINGS: Ke$ha Continues Reputation For Elegance By Wearing Placenta Necklace

• Classy, reserved creature Ke$ha says she wears her placenta in a necklace because it makes her psychic. Maybe she’ll be able to predict her impending irrelevancy in five years? (Wonderwall)

Mo’Niques brother admitted on Oprah that he molested the actress when they were children. Cue one thousand gossip blogs making Precious parallels. (PopEater)

Sandra Bullock’s sister speaks! Yes, she has the ability to talk, isn’t that amazing? (LimeLife)

• Is Mad Men coming to an end in 2012? We guess those Mayan 2012 prophecies were just about the end of Don Draper’s hotness. (Starpulse)

Tina Fey and Sheryl Crow wear the same dress to an event, hilarity ensues. (Huffington Post)