BUZZINGS: Paris Hilton Has a Private Spray Tanning Assistant

  • Paris Hilton has an assistant whose job is to spray-tan her boss when she’s looking a little pale. And we thought Susan Boyle’s personal bikini waxer had it rough. (Wonderwall)
  • Is Larry King’s divorce just a big publicity stunt? Let’s go to the phones. Edith from Des Moines, you’re on… (PopEater)
  • Kim Kardashian regrets that she posed nude for Playboy. Which puts her in an exclusive club of one. (Starpulse)
  • Kate Gosselin pays tribute to The Breakfast Club on Dancing With the Stars. Judd Nelson panhandles enough change to buy a stamp so he can send her an angry letter. (Huffington Post)
  • Five roles that could save Lindsay Lohan. Besides “Repeat Rehab Patient #42.” (Socialite Life)