Kate Gosselin Not Above Sending Spam Emails To Get Votes On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

We all know Kate Gosselin isn’t exactly the most gracious dancer on Dancing With The Stars, but she still finds a way to remain on the show, week after week.

Well now it seems like we have found out how Kate manages to keep herself from getting voted off each week: she begs for votes from her family and friends. Just like a true reality star!

Life and Style magazine obtained one of Kate’s sad pleading emails today, which sheds some light on just how desperate Kate is to stay on the show. From the email:

Hi all- Inside info for this week… I’ve had an extra tough week with media spins and coverage that I will not elaborate on. I have been emotionally drained and ‘absent’ for much of practice… But I am pressin on to complete my tango for tonight…Should be interesting and I need extra prayer…And extra vote please!!!!!

Keep the frame Kate! That’s what I keep thinking! Arms forward, knees bent, quick, quick, slow!

I am much less than confident this week and am actually BEGGING you this week to vote to the max for Tony and I via TEXTING, EMAIL and PHONE.

I am also asking that you COPY AND PASTE (please don’t forward my email address) this email and send to at least TEN people in your address book (and I apologize if this email feels like a ‘chain’ email.. I just need your help- more than ever!)

Oh Kate, first you beg for your friends to vote for you on a reality show by playing the “poor me, I’m famous” card and then you ask them to spam their friends and family? Sounds like Kate would be a great friend to have around.