Kelly Ripa’s Husband Doesn’t Want To See Her Naked For Some Reason

Hey, Mark Consuelos, what’s wrong with your wife Kelly Ripa’s naked body? Kelly told People magazine that her husband Mark pays her money to keep her clothes on. From People:

I’m actually given money to put on a parka. “Put your parka on! Here’s another dollar. Put on that hat!”

Jeez, Mark, it isn’t like Kelly’s body is that bad. In fact, we think we can find a couple of men who would be more than willing to look at Kelly in minimal clothing.

Of course, Mark brushed off Kelly’s cover-up claim, telling the magazine “Yeah, right.”

Hm, this sounds highly suspicious. Does Mark make Kelly cover up or doesn’t he? Is this what marriage is like, making jokes about your spouse not wanting to see you naked anymore?