Larry King and Wife Take a Two-Week Vacation From Their Divorce Proceedings

Say what you will about Larry King’s divorce from Wife Number 7, Shawn Southwick—it’s definitely one of the better-organized break-ups in recent celebrity history. But then again, when you’ve been divorced as many times as King has, you tend to get the whole scheduling thing down pat.

King’s lawyer, Dennis Wasser, has announced that King and Southwick have decided to  suspend their divorce proceedings for the time being. And while most couples would tend to leave such things open-ended to see how the situation plays out, King and Southwick are giving it exactly two weeks to decide if they’ll go ahead and split. According to Wasser,

“Larry and Shawn met with a counselor today,. It was decided that there will be no activity for two weeks as several issues need to be discussed and resolved.”

That’s awfully considerate of them, to let us all know in advance when we can start caring about this story again. See, people? Proper organization is the key to an effective breakup. We only wish that certain other celebrity couples could manage their splits so tidily.