Michael Jackson Is Coming Back to Life in Pretentious-Circus Form

Nearly a year after his untimely death, Michael Jackson is still planning to thrill audiences. The deceased King of Pop—who passed away at the age of 50 last June—will serve as inspiration for a new Cirque du Soleil production set to open next fall. According to Jackson estate co-executor John Branca, the show will focus on dancing, with tunes from Jackson’s catalog, mixed with Cirque’s trademark acrobatics.

After the touring production winds down, a second Cirque du Jackson show will open in 2010 in conjunction with the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, with a greater emphasis on theatricality and 3-D technology. According to Branca, the MGM production “will be a theme-park-like show.”

Maybe after that, Cirque can put on a production based on the circus that Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial is shaping up to become.

Check out a promo for Cirque’s upcoming Jackson-inspired show below: