Nick Jonas Continues Quest To Become Next Pop Star President

Will we soon be calling Nick Jonas, Mr. President? Maybe, if Nick has anything to do with it.

The President of Our Hearts, Nick, told Parade magazine that he would one day like to run for President. Because once you are already established as a dreamboat pop star, your next obvious career move is to go into politics. We hear that is where all the girls are at, anyways.

Nick says he got the idea to be the next President since his childhood nickname is “Mr. Prez” (since he is so serious) and his current solo band project is called The Administration. That sounds like more than enough qualifications to become the next leader of the free world.

Nick hasn’t been shy about saying he would like to go into politics. Just a few months ago he was blabbing to anyone who would listen that he would consider a Presidential run in 2040, when he is 47 years old.

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