Octomom Finally Realizes That She Is A Human Freak Show

It seems that after nearly 16 months in the public eye, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has finally caught on to the fact that she is a living freak show.

Octomom went on Oprah today to talk about her life as an octo-wonder and how she manages to raise 14 children as a single mother.

Octomom said that she feels like a “carnival attraction” but that she would never do a reality television show about her life with her kids because she believes “a parent must provide for their kids, not the other way around.” Are you listening Kate Gosselin?

However, nearly a year ago Octomom wasn’t so scared of becoming a reality star. Last June her lawyer said that she had signed a deal to star in a reality TV series that was to be filmed by a Netherlands-based production company.

So, either that deal fell through or it was a lie to begin with. Either way, we aren’t quite sure that we believe that a woman who willingly injected herself with fertility hormones so that she could become pregnant with eight fetuses is someone who is too good for reality TV.

Octomom went on to say that she feels “a tremendous amount of guilt” when she holds one or two of her children and can’t be there for the other children. So, uh, why did she have eight extra children when she already had six kids living at home with her?