Sandra Bullock, Already Having A Terrible Month, Is Asked To Give Back Award

Sandra Bullock may be having the worst month ever. The actress’ personal life is sprayed all over the tabloids and now she is being asked to return her Razzie award.

The Razzies are an antidote to the Oscars, where they “honor” the worst film performances of the year. Sandra won a Razzie for her performance in All About Steve and she even did the classy, Sandra Bullock-y thing of going to the awards ceremony and accepting the Razzie in person.

However, unbeknownst to Sandra she walked off with the real Razzie statuette, which is worth thousands of dollars. Winners of Razzies are usually given a cheap replica to take home.

The founders of the Razzies have held off from asking Sandra to return the statue since  Michelle McGee happened and they figured she was kinda busy furiously taking showers to try to keep herself from catching second-hand trashiness.