Susan Boyle’s Family Believe She’s Being Held Hostage By Her Handlers

According to the family of overnight singing sensation and top-selling music artist, Susan Boyle, her management team is denying her access to her family and forcing her to perform on a schedule far in excess of her current physical and emotional stamina.

“The Boyle family has made it very clear to Susan’s management that we neither trust nor approve of them.  Certain things have come to light. We are very concerned and very angry with the way she is being treated.”

    - Gerry Boyle, Susan’s brother

Another SuBo brother has previously made similar allegations concerning the manner in which she is being handled by her management team.  Numerous accounts of SuBo breaking down in both public and private have been reported in the past several months, including an incident at Heathrow Airport where Boyle appeared to onlookers to be completely out of touch and dancing with a custodian’s mop.

According to management, SuBo is merely experiencing some exhaustion from her hectic schedule, but, overall, is happy and excited about her new found fame and performance and recording schedule.

The former church choir singer and coal miner’s daughter earned more than $10M last year from her appearances and sales of her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream, and is expected to earn far more this coming year with her extended worldwide tour and release of her second album due out in November 2010.


You tell us:  is SuBo experiencing the natural push and pull of new found fame and riches or is she being pushed too far by her management team?

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