Vanessa Hudgens Invites You to Be Amazed by Her New 'Beastly' Trailer (VIDEO)

Vanessa Hudgens Invites You to Be Amazed by Her New 'Beastly' Trailer (VIDEO)-photo

Is there any role that Vanessa Hudgens isn't capable of taking on and making her own? Behold, the trailer for Hudgens' upcoming flick Beastly, which hits the nation's theaters with megaton force on July 30. A modern-day retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast, Beastly casts Hudgie Bear as the love interest of Kyle, a popular spoiled high-school kid who becomes grossly disfigured after having a spell cast on him by Mary-Kate Olsen.

Sure, it's not as much of a stretch as V-Hudge's upcoming junkie-stripper role in Rent, but obviously there are some acting chops required for this one. Because clearly Vanessa has no idea what it's like to have an ugly boyfriend.

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments section: How many Oscars do you think Nessie will rack up for Beastly?



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  • Kella Martinez
    Kella Martinez

    [quote=Kella Martinez]It looks like beauty and the beast. But it's awesome keep it up vanessa we love u! =) I actually ment keep it up not get it up.

  • Kella Martinez
    Kella Martinez

    It looks like beauty and the beast. But it's awesome get it up vanessa we love u! =)

  • sophie1986

    I am amazed... That she has clothes on.

  • maria

    surprisingly good. man, i cryed watching this. this is the kind of summer romance i need.

  • lil

    Love Vanessa and can't wait for the movie...although, it's not an Oscar performance.

  • antonija

    omg... awsome

  • crista

    Wow. finally i movie i really want to see.

  • Girludntkno

    I love Vanessa, and she is gonna rock in this. Sooo can't wait for this to ocme out in cinemas. Alex is HOT too. :)

  • Cherieeee

    That actually looks a lot better than I thought it would be! :D

  • Kimmy

    I didn't know this movie was going to be that good, I'm actually very surprised.And who does'nt love Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer?? I'm defenitely going to watch this....

  • michellle straauss
    michellle straauss


  • aisha

    looks good i wana watch it

  • yeah

    It does look good, cool

  • MaryJaneC.

    That actually looks really good and seems to promise a lot. A few cliches here and there, but overall it got me interested. And I've been waiting to see this actor get a meatier role ever since I saw him in Wild Child.

  • loco

    wow actually looks pretty good!

  • slammy

    The lesson here is that anyone can find true love if they're really f*cking rich

  • lily

    I hope it doesn't end up being all teen romance-y with clumsy pale girls constantly swooning. bleh.

  • mary

    alex is sooo hot :)

  • mazzamatt

    Rather surprised by that.

  • nevermore

    Wow, that came out a lot better than I expected.