BUZZINGS: Justin Bieber Is Brushing Up on Foreign Tongues for Worldwide Seduction Tour 2010

  • Justin Bieber is learning pick-up lines in various languages so he can hit on girls in different countries. How do you say, “You know you can go to jail for this, right?” in Swahili? (Hollywood Life)
  • Joe Jackson says he won’t be seeing the Cirque du Soleil production inspired by his deceased son Michael. We don’t blame him; those tight leotards creep us out a little, too. (PopEater)
  • Does Chris Brown have a promising career in rap? Beats the bloody heck out of us! (Bossip)
  • Robert Downey Jr. may be playing the title role in an upcoming Wizard of Oz remake. Oh, now we totally wanna look behind the curtain… (Wonderwall)
  • William Shatner duets with that Taiwanese kid who’s always singing on the Internet. Set phasers to awesome! (Huffington Post)