Dina Lohan Continues Enabling, Denies Lindsay Has Money Problems

Lindsay Lohan’s mother (and Chief Enabler) Dina Lohan must not know that denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. The stage mom gave an interview to RadarOnline, denying that Lindsay has money problems and that she is healthy, happy, and working.

Dina says that Lindsay is not going into credit card debt, as previously reported, but that if she was going into debt or missing payments, it isn’t her fault because her money managers are in charge of all that stuff. Oh, but Dina recently fired Lindsay’s managers…is this making sense? Yeah, probably not, which just goes to show you how ridiculously deluded you have to be to be a member of the Lohan clan. From RadarOnline:

She is not going into credit card debt. Absolutely not. And her business managers… I actually am in contact with them every day[…] And you know Lindsay will spend money but she has people  that run what she does. We had another manager that we’ve now moved. We kind of cleaned house and we have somebody else who… I mean everyone was great but we just needed to clean house and start over. So Lindsay doesn’t really pay her bills. Someone else does, so they wouldn’t let her do that.

And in the interim, you know, a bill may be a little late or not, you know, but that’s pretty normal. That happens to me, that happens to everyone […] Lindsay isn’t in charge of her finances, other people are and we are keeping a close eye on the people who are managing her.

Sigh. Oh Dina.

Dina also went on to say that even though Lindsay is famously unemployed, she is actually generating income with her expensive legging line (which Dina says is “doing great”).

Okay, sure, we will believe that Lindsay is generating enough money to pay for her extravagant lifestyle by selling leggings in department stores. Why not? But we still think Dina might need an intervention about her chronic enabling.