Heidi Montag Decides That Getting Groped Isn’t Worth Suing Over

Hey, you know how Heidi Montag decided to sue Hills creator Adam DeVillo for sexual harassment, claiming that he had put his hands all over her radically altered body, including her—gasp!—butt?

Yeah, well guess what—never mind!

Montag and her hubby/enabler, Spencer Pratt, have now decided not to go through with the lawsuit, for undisclosed reasons. Except for the fact that even they thought it was a bad idea to pursue it, despite their well-established penchant for really bad ideas.

According to a source,

“Heidi and Spencer have changed their minds and realized they should just move on.”

Maybe because the charges had no merit to them anyway? That remains to be seen, as a rep for Montag is refusing to talk about the matter right now.

But whatever the reason for their about-face, it was probably a wise choice. Making the legal claim that someone would willingly want to touch Montag would probably be grounds for a pretty substantial countersuit.

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