Kate Gosselin Punished For Marrying Jon Gosselin With 15 Month Dry Spell

Were you sitting awake at night wondering about the details of Kate Gosselin’s sex life? Well, worry no more, now you can know everything you never wanted to know about Kate’s romantic and sexual life!

Stephanie Santoro Kate’s former nanny reveals to Life and Style (via Huffington Post) that Kate hasn’t had sex in 15 months and that Kate and Jon Gosselin stopped being intimate since the very beginning of 2009.

How does Stephanie know this? Well, she hooked up with dreamboat Jon after he and Kate split so we know that she has great judgment and is really good at reading people. Also, Jon may or may not have told her about Kate’s sexual habits, because he is disgusting.

Unfortunately for Kate (but maybe fortunately for us) she doesn’t have time to date and jump around from one trashy lover to the next like Jon because she is busy working and taking care of their eight children. So it seems reasonable that she wouldn’t be able to find time to hook up with some guy in 15 months since she has obviously been pretty busy.

Now we are just waiting to hear that Jon has decided to become celibate so that we can stop having those nightmares at night.