Larry King’s Kids’ Little League Coach Admits He Was Banging Mrs. Larry King, While They Watched Larry on TV!

Photo Source: Getty Images/Pacific Coast News Online

The words “seedy” and “Larry King have never really gone together before.  ”Grumpy”, “old”, “boring”, “patsy”, — definitely yes, but never “seedy”.  Even with the long string of mostly much younger, ex-wives. Until now.

In dirty laundry news breaking faster than, well, dirty laundry, Hector Penate, the Little League Coach for Larry and current wife Shawn Southwick’s two boys now admits that he was having a torrid, sexual affair with Shawn only weeks after meeting her.  But, wait, there’s more.  Hector claims that he and Mrs. Larry King got all erotic and body-bumping while in Larry’s bed….watching Larry King Live on CNN!

That’s just so wrong.

But, wait, there’s more.  Because Hector says Larry was cool with it because he was pretty openly banging his wife’s younger sister, Shannon Engemann, a woman with a dream of becoming a recording star, and apparently needing some dough to pursue her dream.

Daytime soap operas couldn’t come up with a script this ridiculously seedy.


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