Leonardo DiCaprio's Next Role Could Be a Real Drag

Leonardo DiCaprio's Next Role Could Be a Real Drag-photo

No doubt about it, Leonardo DiCaprio is a pretty, pretty man. But is he pretty enough to pull off a dress and heels?

The Shutter Island stud has signed on to star in a Clint Eastwood-directed biopic about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who's long-rumored to have enjoyed a bit of cross-dressing when he wasn't busting up crime rings and compiling files on his political enemies. And if Hoover's screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black (who also penned Milk) has anything to say about it, the film won't shy away from exploring the more unseemly elements of Hoover's life, transvestism and all:

"We all have these assumptions about Hoover. Was he this or was he that? Was he a cross-dresser? Was he gay? Was he as villainous as we all think he might have been? Was there ever any light to him?"

Oh, we're willing to wager that, if Leo wears a dress at some point during the film, there'll be plenty of levity.

Maybe DiCaprio can enlist his lady-love Bar Refaeli for pointers. She seems to be pretty good at the whole looking-like-a-woman thing. Like, really, really good at it.



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  • juliewlchu

    i'm so exciting about leo's new movie~ u r the best leo^^

  • annabannana56

    Hes just amazing..I watched all hes movies!!! Blood Diamond was great!!!!

  • Ricardo

    It's amazing how long this J. Edgar Hoover drag thing has gone on. It's not true and it never was true; Lies spread by Truman Capote just to piss him off. As for Leo playing JEH, he's a lousy character actor. The role should to Paul Giamatti