Mo’Nique Pissed At Oprah For Interviewing Molester Brother

Mo’Nique’s brother, Gerald Imes went on Oprah earlier this week in an attempt to apologize to his sister for molesting her when they were both children. Apparently his public apology didn’t go over too well, maybe he should have considered doing this in, uh, private?

Mo’Nique claims that Gerald lied about details of the molestation and that she is “not happy” that the show wasn’t “sympathetic enough towards her.”

On the show, Oprah said that Mo’Nique refused to appear on the show with her brother and family but that she had given Oprah her blessing to continue on with the interview. After the show aired, however, Mo’Nique had a change of heart.

Gerald said in the interview that he only molested Mo’Nique when she was asleep but sources close to her say that she was “wide awake and scared of him.” Mo’Nique’s camp feels that he lied about the truth in order to make himself look more sympathetic, not to get a proper apology out of his sister.

And to make matters worse, Mo’Nique is pissed off at Oprah and in the true diva fashion that we’ve come to love Mo’Nique for, is refusing to ever appear on her show again.

Now while we are sympathetic with Mo’Nique on this one we don’t think she should be making enemies with Oprah. The woman isn’t called the Queen of Media for nothing.

Then again, molestation is a touchy subject and Mo’Nique has reason to feel that her brother and family wasn’t being apologetic enough. If they were really, truly interested in having a heart-to-heart apology that didn’t involve making themselves look good then they probably would have done this in private and without cameras.

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