Mo'Nique Pissed At Oprah For Interviewing Molester Brother

Mo'Nique Pissed At Oprah For Interviewing Molester Brother-photo

Mo'Nique's brother, Gerald Imes went on Oprah earlier this week in an attempt to apologize to his sister for molesting her when they were both children. Apparently his public apology didn't go over too well, maybe he should have considered doing this in, uh, private?

Mo'Nique claims that Gerald lied about details of the molestation and that she is "not happy" that the show wasn't "sympathetic enough towards her."

On the show, Oprah said that Mo'Nique refused to appear on the show with her brother and family but that she had given Oprah her blessing to continue on with the interview. After the show aired, however, Mo'Nique had a change of heart.

Gerald said in the interview that he only molested Mo'Nique when she was asleep but sources close to her say that she was "wide awake and scared of him." Mo'Nique's camp feels that he lied about the truth in order to make himself look more sympathetic, not to get a proper apology out of his sister.

And to make matters worse, Mo'Nique is pissed off at Oprah and in the true diva fashion that we've come to love Mo'Nique for, is refusing to ever appear on her show again.

Now while we are sympathetic with Mo'Nique on this one we don't think she should be making enemies with Oprah. The woman isn't called the Queen of Media for nothing.

Then again, molestation is a touchy subject and Mo'Nique has reason to feel that her brother and family wasn't being apologetic enough. If they were really, truly interested in having a heart-to-heart apology that didn't involve making themselves look good then they probably would have done this in private and without cameras.



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  • lillian

    monique freed me. i am one of the victims who got molested by my brother and am now talking about it.thank u monique.thank u.

  • Seph

    Very true, Monique's brother is a terrible liar. I (and probably most people) could tell most of what came out of his mouth was a lie, and I have no idea why Oprah wasted her, and our time with it. I could also sense not only his lack of remorse, but also an undercurrent of anger for being called out. What a waste of time.

  • Sue

    There is such a lack of understanding surrounding this whole issue. People who have never had to go through childhood molestation cannot possibly know the feelings of someone tying to survive it. It goes back to the old saying "Walk a mile in my shoes, then comment on Monique's actions. I personally believe that child predators cannot be cured and would be extremely cautious about letting them near my children. It is sad that the parents seem to have taken the whole thing so lightly. They can never know her pain and anguish. I pray for all of them.

  • Bridget

    But how can they apologize in private when Monique refuses to talk to them. She hasnt spoken with her OWN parents in 2 1/2 yrs. She hasnt spoken with her brother either. Monique is another victim that wants everything to revolve around her. I am not feeling as bad for her anymore. She had her opportunity to come on Oprah and confront them but she passed it up. BYE MoNique. Obviously, you have never been molested before. Why would anybody who has been molested want to confront the person who did it (especially family) in front of millions of people. That would be a terrible emotional family get must be an a-typical man turning it around and making it seem like the victim is the bad guy...I don't think Monique really gives a crap how you fee...bye loser

  • Dee

    You are so Right the last comment regarding why people are protecting Oprah, back in the day people did not reveal stuff like that and being so young Monique who is real Oprah is not been a phony and fake all these years since she came on the scene in the 80s and with Monique knocking her off the screen and Wendy Williams, real women who tell the truth and Monique is very happy with her body and self, Oprah never has and is a straight up idiot who would do anything for ratings, always has, been ruthless that is why the Cattlemen got her mouth for saying stuff she should not have.

  • Sugarhoney

    Well you all need to stop talking about her in a positive way cause people do hurt sometimes and they cant let it go so if you do not like the way she is acting than shut you mouth cause you was not the one that was hurt.I love you Monique you are a true sister keep your head high while the haters looking up to you cause what you do they cant do so.....

  • Lili

    Why is everyone protecting Oprah? The interview itself is in really bad taste. This will be one of her biggest regrets. She is losing her touch and maybe it is time for her to leave the air. Monique has the right to be angry with her. Here is another reason for the victim to lose trust in someone who protrays herself as a sympathetic person but behaves ruthlessly.

  • JustMe

    Well, I don't think Mo'Nique should be upset with Oprah, she had the decency to call her and ask her about the interview - from MY understanding based on what Oprah said, not just to be a guest WITH her brother, but how she felt and Mo'Nique gave her Blessing. That being said, I think Oprah will forgive her because she understands (I hope) how all this conjers [sp] up all those old feelings and she just got angry all over again, not necessarily personal to Oprah. The other thing is, I hate how this interview is often misquoted in the press. I by no means am taking the brother's side, but what he did is bad enough, no need to embellish on what was said. I'm paraphrasing, but he said that Mo'Nique had the "appearance" of being sleep - he didn't necessarily say she was sleep, it seemed that he was implying it was easier for him to believe she was sleep (like a thief in the night), but deep down he knew she wasn't. From what Barbara Walters said on the View, the reason the MoNique hadn't spoken to the parents is because of MoNique's husband had her cut them off financially and that Babs thought the interview was for the family to gain financial support from MoNique again under the pretense of wanting to apologize and get it out in the open which is why Babs turned down the interview. The one who really disgusted me (aside from Gerald) was the other brother, you could tell he was on some BS, with that pathetic grin. He was taking up for Gerald as though MoNique lied or he just didn't think it was that big of a deal. As for those who think Mo'Nique is the one who put this out there by going on TV telling everyone she was molested by her brother, that may have been therapy for her. Because based on the story the family told, clearly there was no therapy and barely an acknowledgment of what happened by her or the family after she told her parents. I wish her AND her family well and hope they can begin to heal, but before that can truly happen they all need to admit there was really a problem there and NOT gloss over it, they all held responsibility in how this played out, the parents could've done a better job, but maybe they didn't know how to handle it either - and they need to admit that.

  • girl

    I think Oprah did a good job with the interview. I think anyone who listened to the interview thought that her brother was full of crap. Her parents didn't protect her when they needed to, so it's only natural that she doesn't have a relationship with them. Oprah showed the dysfunction and how normal they think it is. I think that interview will help a lot of people get out of a bad situation.

  • cuddles

    I agree, with Monique, she is hurt and if her parents ignored the hurt that was done to her from family member - who do she trust as a young child. We look at our parents for guidance and protection. The parents should had listen and been more concern of her feelings and how her own brother touched her in appropiately. Her brother knew what he was doing at the time. He should had came forward to his parents when Monique stated he touched her and received help. This will always be in the back of her mind. "Why" . For whatever reason her and her parents hadn't spoken for 2 1/2 yrs. only they will know. We are only looking on the outside looking in. Also if Monique had made this remark of her being molested it though she has moved on. She is grown now and she should be able to comfort her brother of what he has done to her!!! I hope all is well with both the parents and Monique. Life is too short to loose a parent. May God be with all of them...

  • Grace

    Monique, Please do not be angry. This show did not make your brother look well. We all knew he was lying when he said he molested you when you were sleep. He could not even remember the years different in your ages. If I were your family I would not let him around the other nieces and nephews. I do not believe he was molested either. Your brother does not lie well at all. He has molested more than two people. I feel hurt for you and your dad. Hold your head up sister for you are truly loved. Oprah did tread very lightly and I was surprised. Be blessed because the truth always comeout and Gerald was not telling the truth. I am glad you said something to him at the hospital because you are breaking a generational curse and you do not want that type of spirit around your children. Oprah is not who you should be battling it is your family. If I were your parents and siblings I would have not showed up to show with Gerald. Put Gerald out of the family immediately.

  • leelee

    I agree, she is the one that brought it to the publics eye, and since she just done the movie Prescious of course we the people wants to know more. As for being hurt I can feel her, I am to a victim.

  • Travis

    Wait a minute, she do have the right to be angry. Everyone has had issues that were hard for us to face and if you haven't well just wait because your time is coming. Whether its people, places, or a horrible event that has happened in your life only deep down inside you know how you are dealing with it so dont judge too quickly. A lot of times being in the spotlight its only polite to your fans to let them know whats going on with you as a person thats why there are publicist, and after watching the interview he may have said something that could have trigured a certain feeling or emotion. Put yourself in a certain position when commenting and reading these new stories and blogs and then start typing. You will never know what someone is going through completely, and some things always remain personal.

  • gi

    To Boydashian: her brother molested her and her family ignored it. WHY ON EARTH should she speak to the persons who hurt her the most??????? I wouldn't either. "Monique is another victim that wants everything to revolve around her": your lack of sensitivity is kind of scary. I can't imagine a bigger, more atrocious psychological bruise for a girl than being abused from a family member... Now he wants to be apologized to releave himself from the guilt... well too bad for him.

  • lisa ferrer
    lisa ferrer

    monique is the one who made her family issues public, she really has no right to be angry with anyone going public, especially with oprah the interview was business. hello mo'nique aren't you a talk show host.

  • bb

    yeah wtf i would be pissed too, thats really f*cked up to interview moniques brother and having him publicly admit that he molested his own sister.. on tv.. you would think she would not want him to have any sort of press or exposure.. if i were her i would never ever forgive him

  • The_Boydashian

    But how can they apologize in private when Monique refuses to talk to them. She hasnt spoken with her OWN parents in 2 1/2 yrs. She hasnt spoken with her brother either. Monique is another victim that wants everything to revolve around her. I am not feeling as bad for her anymore. She had her opportunity to come on Oprah and confront them but she passed it up. BYE MoNique.