Scott Baio Keeps Himself Busy By Having An Offensive Internet Meltdown

Hey, everyone: Scott Baio is still alive! And, like most forgotten celebrities, he is having a public meltdown on Twitter.

The Charles in Charge star has been keeping himself busy by starting internet wars with bloggers and offending the gays, blacks, and pretty much anyone else he can latch his Twit wit onto.

Baio became enraged when Jezebel posted a screenshot of a tweet he made about taxes. The tweet read:

Taxes are DONE.. That should feed, house & provide medical for quite a few lazy non working [sic] people at my expense.. Have a great Monday!

Jezebel didn’t make any comment on the tweet but apparently the commenters on the blog were not too happy with Baio’s political commentary. Baio read the comments and immediately launched into meltdown mode. From his Twitter:

Let’s see if web-rag will post my Twt abt schools,service ppl, spec.needs kids, & animal abuse? They sounds like hypocrites 2 me!

Baio then posted a picture of a woman in a bikini flying on a broomstick and tweeted that it was a reference to Jezebel and that “the broom and the dustpan are in the closet.” And started cyberbullying one of the site’s writers (who didn’t post his tweet) over Twitter.

Meanwhile, Scott’s wife, Renee Baio decided to get in on the action and took her rage to Facebook:

(WARNING LABEL THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN OR TO OFFEN MY FAMILY OR FRDS) F**kYOU web rag!!!! You bunch of FAR LEFT Lesbian shitasses!!!!!! No wonder you’re all lesbos because what man in his right mind could put up with your c**tness? Scott Baio has more class in his piss than all of you all!!!

True FACT: I have lesbian friends that couldn’t be nicer. They are true loyal friends. Those Jezebel lesbians are SHITASSES!!!!!! I have close friends of all color, sizes, religions, diff. political views,Special needs. & with or without animals. I love them all I do NOT & will NOT stand for ANYONE baching my family, friends of BBAF, The haters are NOT the only people that can exercise FREEDOM OF SPEECH…

It is probably worth noting, again, that the writers for Jezebel simply posted Scott’s public tweet and didn’t make any direct negative or positive comment about what he said. Still, this concept alludes the classy Baios.

Apparently Renee thinks calling a woman a “lesbian” is a great zinger, but then immediately backpedals and says that she knows “nice” lesbians–as if most lesbians are predisposed to be nasty, mean non-women. But some of her best friends are lesbians, you guys! So she isn’t being offensive at all.

Renee then posted that she was contacted the Attorney General’s Office about Jezebel, because she thinks the site won’t post comments of different political views (this isn’t true, and it was later pointed out that she and Scott simply couldn’t figure out how to post comments from their iPhones). It should also be noted that not approving comments isn’t against the law, but do things like “facts” and “law” really matter at this point to the Baios’ rage against the internet?

Jezebel points out that this isn’t the first time Baio has gone on an offensive and bizarre rant, it is just th first time that anybody noticed. He has previously tweeted an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama as a dig against President Barack Obama, nasty remarks against Lady GaGa, and strange comments about international border control, apparently a dig against Mexican immigrants. Apparently Baio has been secretly trying to take over Spencer Pratt title for The World’s Worst Tweeter.

Poor Scott, he’s fallen so far from being a beloved dreamboat.

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