Spencer Pratt To Fight Terrorists With Terrible Reality Show

You may have heard that Twitter Hero Spencer Pratt is trying to do his part for America and fight online terrorists, but we all knew that laying low and out of the public eye simply isn’t Spencer’s style.

Spencer has decided to turn his new-found hobby of fighting online terrorists by pitching a reality show to the National Security Agency and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency about cyber spies. The show would be called–you guessed it–Cyber Spies and Spencer thinks he could turn it into a hit:

They kicked me off ‘The Hills’ because they say I’m too angry, but really I was just angry that I was doing nothing on ‘The Hills’ and doing nothing to contribute to our free and open society of America. My friends had medical marijuana issues, so I was always worried about secondhand smoke, so I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m never going to be the director of the CIA,’ but now I hear they recently changed that policy, and I think that they may have done that just so people like me who had friends in high places could still fit into the politics of the intelligence community. I was the biggest fan of ’24’ but there was such fakeness; I don’t believe any American agent would chop off anybody’s head. Waterboarding would do the trick.

Yes, Spencer getting “secondhand smoke” from your friends with “medical marijuana issues” was what was keeping you from becoming a CIA agent.

Well, if Spencer thinks that he could fight cyber terrorism with his television show then more power to him but maybe he would do a better job at defending innocent internet users if he wasn’t spending so much of his time terrorizing and cyberbullying random celebrities on Twitter. Those anger management classes must be really paying off!

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