Stephanie Pratt Goes Nude To Save The Bunnies, Or Something

Now that The Hills is coming to a close, how will Stephanie Pratt get our attention? Why going nude for PETA of course, the aspiring starlet’s best chance at grabbing much-wanted headlines but also seeming ethical at the same time.

We aren’t sure what convinced Pratt that seeing her artfully covered-up nude body would help consumers want to “be nice to bunnies,” but, eh, it isn’t like her body is bad-looking or anything.

PETA is using Pratt to promote their newest iPhone app. that lists thousands of cruelty-free products and companies. The bunnies come into play with the app. since many household cleaning and cosmetic products use rabbits (or other animals) for testing the safety of their product.

On the one hand, it is nice to know that Pratt has some principles lodged underneath all those Pratt attention-seeking genes, but on the other hand, did we really have to see her naked?