BUZZINGS: Lindsay Lohan Can’t Take Time Out Of Her Busy Train Wreck Schedule To Show Up To Court

Lindsay Lohan missed her second court date this month because her friends are unsurprisingly spoiled train wrecks like her and couldn’t sober up quickly enough to drive lil’ Lohan to the 10 a.m. deposition. (Wonderwall)

• Because he wasn’t enough of a monster before, Jesse James allegedly let his employees at West Coast Choppers openly mock Sandra Bullock, sometimes in front of her face. (Hollywood Life)

Jennifer Love Hewitt has set her lust beams on Robert Pattinson. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all love Robert, Jennifer. Get in line, like the rest of us. (Starpulse)

• Two more women have come forward about Steven Segal’s groping antics and one of them just happens to be…Ray Charles’ granddaughter? What?! (Huffington Post)

Spike Lee was reportedly “depressed” when Michael Jackson died and he is now planning to do a film about a Brooklyn tribute concert that was put on after his death. Our natural grieving process involves making films too, Spike, only no one cares about our Michael film based on a fictional tribute concert put on behind a beauty school in a strip mall in the suburbs. (PopEater)