BUZZINGS: Michelle McGee Says She Wants to Meet Sandra Bullock

BUZZINGS: Michelle McGee Says She Wants to Meet Sandra Bullock-photo
  • Alleged Jesse James mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants to meet with James' wife Sandra Bullock, because apparently she's curious about what tattoo removal feels like when it's done with a rusty screwdriver. (Huffington Post)
  • Sharon Stone says she wants to be more like her kids. Don't worry, honey; in another ten years you'll be drooling uncontrollably and pooping yourself too. (Hollywood Life)
  • Denise Richards is trying to worm her way onto Kendra Wilkinson's reality show. Unfortunately, the plan doesn't involve pudding wrestling in bikinis. (Wonderwall)
  • South Park censors itself after receiving threats from a Muslim group. Kenny responds with a muffled obscene rant, then gets blown up by a gang of jihadists. (PopEater)
  • And now here's a picture of Christina Hendricks' cleavage, because it's about time we promoted a story with some weight behind it. (Starpulse)


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  • Julie sucks
    Julie sucks

    Someone should hit YOU in the face!

  • julie04

    Sandra should hit that bitch in the face. Duuh -.-

  • writerruth

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