Jessica Simpson Allegedly Pulls A Lohan, Drowns Her Sorrows In Booze (PHOTOS)

Jessica Simpson may not be the star that she once was, but we never thought of her reaching down to Lindsay Lohan levels.

According to the always reliable anonymous “sources,” Jessica has been depressed lately and has been drowning her sorrows in booze and junk food. Sounds like a normal week to us!

However, Jessica’s family is concerned about her behavior and friends are worried that she is gaining a few “sad” pounds, which just gets her more scrutiny i the media.

The sources say that Jessica started to become insecure and depressed after her short romance with Billy Corgan fell apart.

Then again, take all of this “source” blabbering with a grain of salt, this is probably coming from the same “source” who told us that Angelina Jolie was pregnant because she swallowed a grape while filming in Venice.