Jon Gosselin Finally Does Something Right, Fires Shady Lawyer

Who would have thought that we would be hearing about Jon Gosselin finally doing something right with his life?

The daddy of eight has been in the news a lot lately thanks in part to his press-loving lawyer Anthony List who made atrocious claims that Kate Gosselin was a bad mother for working to support her kids and a self-promotional wannabe starlet. (Okay, so that last one might have a ring of truth.)

Now, it turns out that Jon fired Anthony last week, although the wacky lawyer still feels the need to release statements on his former client’s behalf. Jon took to Twitter, the D-list celebrity’s publicist, to clear his name:

Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esw. is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15, 2010.

He has no legal right to speak to the press or anyone on my behalf.

Kate, her attorney and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably.

Well, look on the bright side Jon, with the money you saved in firing Anthony you can now buy all the hair gel in Pennsylvania to maintain your fabulous new faux-hawk.