Kelly Clarkson’s Cigarette Sponsorship Goes Up in Smoke

Good news, Kelly Clarkson fans; the American Idol fave will be able to wow concertgoers in Indonesia without compromising her integrity after all.

Clarkson came under a lot of heat from fans and anti-tobacco groups alike after it was discovered that her April 29 concert in Jakarta was being sponsored by cigarette brand L.A. Lights, with billboards for the concert featuring both Clarkson’s image and heavy branding for the cancer sticks. While acknowledging the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the show, the “My Life Would Suck Without You” songbird nonetheless decided to go on with the show, asserting on her Web site that “I refuse to cancel on my fans.”

Luckily, Clarkson has been freed from the horns of dilemma. Bowing to the uproar over the sponsorship, L.A. Lights and its parent company Djarum, have pulled out of the event. According to the concert’s promoter, Adrie Subono,

“There will be no (L.A. Lights) media promotion at the Kelly Clarkson concert.”

Subono added that it would take a couple of days to remove all of the L.A. Lights-related advertising, including TV spots. Hopefully the promoters will round up a more suitable sponsor for the concert. Maybe Jack Daniel’s is willing to step in?