Kristen Stewart May Be “Wanted” to Replace Angelina Jolie

Is Kristen Stewart ready to step into Angelina Jolie’s shoes? If the producers of Jolie’s 2008 assassin thriller Wanted have their way, it will be so.

The New Moon star is reportedly being courted to replace Jolie in the sequel to Wanted, after Angelina reportedly backed out of the project. K-Stew would assume the role of Fox, who in the original trained James McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson character in the deadly art of killing. (Speaking of killing, Fox’s character was snubbed out in the first film, but never mind that—movie magic has made stranger things than resurrection happen.)

According to sources, Stewart has met at least once with director Timur Bekmambetov about the project. The biggest hitch to K-Stew signing on would be scheduling: While the Wanted sequel was originally slated to begin filming in August, the production dates for the final Twilight installment Breaking Dawn are still up in the air, but could begin filming as early as October, which could knock Stewart out of the running. Unless she decides to pull a Rachelle Lefevre, which seems pretty doubtful.

If they somehow manage to work all of that out, would you buy Kristen Stewart as a ruthless assassin? Share your thoughts in the comments section.