MTV Breaks New Ground With a Show About a Giant Tool (VIDEO)

Get ready to meet the new big man on campus, people. Like, the really big man on campus.

MTV plans to raise a few eyebrows in June, when it premieres a new series about a massive tool. And not the kind of massive tools that run around and preen on The Hills every week. No, The Hard Times of RJ Berger centers around a high-school loser (played by Paul Iacono) whose life is turned around when his schoolmates discover his massive endowment—in the pants.

That’s right, people: He has a big’un. And while the concept may sound a little hard to swallow, if the rules of heartfelt teenage comedies hold true, we will all learn, laugh and cry as the tale of his giant unit unspools on the little screen.

Want a little taste of what’s to come? Check out the series trailer and a behind-the-scenes featurette on the show: