Ricky Martin And Homophobic Mexican Celebrity Were Allegedly Livin’ La Vida Gay

While we were all shocked beyond belief to learn that straighter-than-straight singer Ricky Martin is gay (or, maybe not) his former list of closeted boyfriends is pretty surprising.

According to a Mexican tabloid (via Perez Hilton), Ricky allegedly used to secretly date Eduardo Verastegui, a super hot Mexican model who became a spokesperson for the anti-gay marriage bill Prop 8 in California. Secret gays! Lies! Homophobia! Closets! This kind of ironic and juicy gossip is something that could only happen in the world of closeted Hispanic celebrities. Or, you know, the world of closeted politicos in Washington D.C., whatever.

Verastegui isn’t super well-known in the States, but he filmed the Spanish-language commercials promoting Prop 8 and decrying gay marriage to target Hispanic voters in California.

We wonder what Ricky thinks of his old pal Eduardo now?

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