Robert Pattinson Proposed To Kristen Stewart, Says Totally Reliable Anonymous Source

Robert Pattinson Proposed To Kristen Stewart, Says Totally Reliable Anonymous Source-photo

Yes, it's true! Even though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven't even admitted that they are dating to the public yet, they are gearing up to get hitched! At least according to some "source."

It is widely rumored that the two Twilight lovers are dating off screen but both have kept mum about the subject. However, according to source, that may all change soon.

A source tells Showbiz Spy that Kristen is getting "sick of the charade" of keeping her relationship with Robert low-key and that the two plan to go public very soon.

Not only are they going public, but a wedding could be in the works. According to this insider, Robert proposed to Kristen "countless times" but she keeps telling him to wait. Right now he is just waiting for her to take him up on his offer.

So how did we jump from them not even looking at each in public to getting married? No idea, and we say it is probably to take this rumor with a truckload of salt.

However, if they are really dating they should consider just going public with it. Yes, some obsessed teenage girls may threaten to rip Kristen limb-from-limb for stealing their Imaginary Boyfriend, but doesn't everyone already assume that they are dating anyways?



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  • Katie

    Great. They need to go away and, smoke some more pot together now.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    that's such a nonsense! The source is like always anonymous...well how often should Rob have proposed to kristen? Something like 4 times? Come on! And if anyone would just knew a thing about Kristen they would know, that she isn't the type for marryage. I have to know...I'm newswritter too + a huge Kristen fan... Sorry guys but that's probably just stupid gossip

  • lully

    i knew this already!

  • vicky

    awesome! Love Robsten~

  • kenn

    love it !

  • Jessica

    I am happy for them IF this is true...I am sad because I was going to marry Rob but he didn't know it yet. LOL Best of luck to both of them! And They should go public. However I do see how the media would go CRAZY if they did, and the fact that teenaged girls would rip her appart! LOL

  • Sandra

    Sometime I have a crazy idea.... Robsten's off screen story, already complicated and dramatic to make a romance movie... Ha~ Ha~~ Anyway, I really like them both, wish they have a happy life!!

  • edward151

    love them there are so cute together they better be hooking up!

  • sense

    He propose to her as a joke 2 years on the the set of twilight AS A JOKE. He also proposed to other girls as a joke. This is lame Showbizspy as a source. This ridiculous engagement rumors always pop up every 3 months. And the moronic people buy it. Lame sauce. I don't even think Roberts had more than 1 girlfriend in his entire life time come to think about it.

  • Heather Corrie Pagone
    Heather Corrie Pagone


  • justanobody

    thats cute Rob.

  • MariaL.

    I believe it. You can see a gold band on her middle finger in the Coachella pictures and she was covering up a necklace. I now the middle finger is not the engagement finger, but I wouldn't expect Kristen to wear it the traditional way anyway. i'm so happy for them. They are a beautiful couple. Gen Y's Brad and Angie

  • chris

    There are so many fake stories about Robert and Kristen. They should just ignore everyone and do their thing and have the relationship they want.

  • wow

    So cute.

  • Kelly

    Regardless, they really are adorable together.

  • hallie

    this happened during filming on Twilight the first movie... it was a joke on set, Rob being charming. "According to this insider, Robert proposed to Kristen "countless times" "

  • A fan
    A fan

    I think this is about their professional roles. Edward proposes to Bella during Eclipse and they get married in Breaking Dawn. This is so old . Give it up , anything for a story with R or K to get hits. I would love it if they showed up married, however!

  • Jane

    I love Robsten!!!!!

  • Aaron

    "...we say it is probably [best (is that what you guys meant to say? I don't know)] to take this rumor with a truckload of salt." There is a reason the expression is called a /grain/ of salt. It is used to imply a tiny tiny tiny amount of volume, so when someone says to take something with a "grain of salt" it means "this information is not really valuable" . So when you say that something should be taking with a "truckload of salt" it means that the information is very valuable. Did I know what you meant? Of course I did. Then why correct you? Because terrible use of the English language really disturbs me.

  • Cathy

    Yeah this makes me happy and I hope them as well. Best wishes!