Rupert Grint to Pull a Borat, Tour the Land in an Ice-Cream Truck

Some stars hit the beaches of St Barts or the slopes of Aspen when they need a little R&R. But then most stars are not Rupert Grint—as we should all be well aware by now, the ginger-est of the Harry Potter stars does things his way.

When filming on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows wraps this spring and summer arrives, Grint plans on hitting the road. In an ice-cream truck. Yeah, really. Apparently, Grint bought the truck some time ago and has been busy customizing it. (We’re picturing a shag-carpet interior, lots of chrome, and maybe an airbrushed wizard on the side.) And once his schedule’s freed up and the weather gets nice, he’s taking that bad boy on the road:

“I’ve just had it done up because when I got it, it was a bit rough. I don’t use it much in the winter but now it’s open season with the weather improving.”

Alas, Grint won’t be dispensing Bomb Pops and Fudgesicles to the local children as he wanders the land in his sweet set of wheels; in fact, attracting sugar-addicted tots is one of the drawbacks of his ride:

“It’s not the most practical vehicle and I’ve stopped playing the music because you get young kids running out of their houses trying to buy a Cornetto [ice cream].”

That’s easily solved with the proper choice of a travel companion, Rupe. Observe and learn: