Bret Michaels Hospitalized With Brain Hemorrhage

Bret Michaels Hospitalized With Brain Hemorrhage-photo

Bret Michaels isn't having a very easy go of it health-wise these days. Less than two weeks after being rushed to the hospital in San Antonio, Texas, for an emergency appendectomy, the Poison frontman and Rock of Love star is back in the ICU, this time with a brain hemorrhage, and is in critical condition.

The 47-year-old rocker was reportedly rushed to an undisclosed hospital on Thursday night after complaining of an excruciating headache and diagnosed with a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding at the base of his brain stem. According to a source,

"After several CAT scans, MRIs and an angiogram, [doctors] decided to keep Michaels in the ICU and are running several tests to determine the cause. [It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation."

Michaels had been scheduled to play at Florence, Indiana's Belterra Resort & Casino on Saturday, as part of his Roses & Thorns tour.



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    That is not so funny!! but what do you except from a dump person and i am being nice pray for him and his beautiful family Brett is the nice "s person I know he is friend with my husband and my husband wears a bandanna too! and is a great musician

  • suvior

    well, that is not funny I went thew the same thing last year and it was very hard thing to relize what is happing god is with you and your familey brett god bless

  • HaileyB

    Relax, he probably just tied his bandanna too tight. This is no laughing matter this is very sad. I pray for you Brett. I am a brain aneurysm survivor. Almost the same thing that is going on with Brett. He's a strong young man. My Prayer are with you and your Family.

  • dany

    Relax, he probably just tied his bandanna too tight. shut your mouth it,s not funny at all,,,good luck Bret

  • Kimm

    Get well soon Bret! Your in my prayers.

  • dxyhsdhdf

  • MKristine

    That is so not funny! I hope he is okay. Praying for him and his family :D

  • Kyle

    Not funny! He may not live through this. It sounds very serious. God Bless you Bret.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Relax, he probably just tied his bandanna too tight.