BUZZINGS: Naomi Campbell Makes Strides In Her Anger Management Classes By Throwing Violent Tantrum

Naomi Campbell kicked a camera when asked in an interview about a “blood diamond” allegedly given to her by warmonger and Liberian President Charles Taylor. Those anger management classes are really paying off! (PopEater)

• Who are your favorite dirty celebrity hippies? You can tell us once you wash all that patchouli off your skin. (Wonderwall)

• We bet Lindsay Lohan never thought that her Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfried would be giving her career advice and pitying her personal life. Oh, how the tables have turned. (Hollywood Life)

Eddie Murphy is afraid that he is going to turn into a “creepy old man.” Uh, might be a little late for that, Ed. (Starpulse)

• Did you know that there were other celebrity moms on Dancing with the Stars other than Kate Gosselin? Well, Kate was hoping you wouldn’t notice since the “mom card” is pretty much the only trick she has. (Huffington Post)