Charlie Sheen May Actually Do Some Good by Killing Off ‘Two and a Half Men’

Charlie Sheen may have his problems, but he’s not all bad. For instance, he just might be bringing his sitcom Two and a Half Men to a merciful end.

Sheen, who’s recently been in rehab and faces assault charges due to a Christmas domestic disturbance with his wife Brooke Mueller, has yet to re-up for his role as womanizing party animal Charlie Harper, and it looks like the suits have no interest in continuing the show if Sheen’s not on board. According to a source at Warner Brothers,

“There has been absolutely no discussion about reworking Two and a Half Men without Charlie. No one is even considering it. At this moment, if Charlie doesn’t come back, that’s the end of the series.”

What, they don’t think that the mega-watt star power of Jon Cryer is enough to carry the show?

The series’ network, CBS, is due to announce its Fall lineup on May 17, so there’s precious little time to get Sheen back on board. But a source with close ties to the actor says that Sheen is unlikely to re-up:

“He’s had to turn down some movie offers in the past few years because of his show schedule and he’d like to be available for that again.”

If Sheen does manage to bring the show to  a close, perhaps the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences should consider rewarding him by finally giving him an Emmy.