‘Dancing With the Stars’ Crew Does a Happy Jig Over Kate Gosselin’s Departure

Were you relieved to see Kate Gosselin get bounced from Dancing With the Stars this week? You’re not the only one. The long-suffering crew of the dance competition is also mighty glad to bid adieu to the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 mega-breeder, due to her diva-like behavior on the set.

Complaining of such behavior as Kate demanding that no one look at her—yeah, really—a source close to the show reveals,

“Everyone couldn’t be more relieved. We all had to walk on eggshells around [Kate]. At least we don’t have to worry about where our eyes can or can’t drift off to now…Kate just thought that everyone was out to get her. That’s why she had all of those crazy rules, like how she was to be approached.”

(As previously reported, Kate’s edicts included the demand that the DWTS crew only communicate with her via her bodyguard, Steve Neild.)

While expressing some sympathy for the reality-TV mom, the mole sums up,

“She was not an easy person to work with.”

We know, we know; we’re shocked too.

Are you glad that Kate Gosselin’s tenure on Dancing With the Stars has come to a merciful end? Hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts.