Doug Reinhardt Spent Millions on Paris Hilton; She Spent “Zippo” On Him

Ah, the life of a celebrity heiress.  The posh homes.  The fancy cars.  All that money in the bank to spend on jewelry, expensive fashions, and to spoil your boyfriend with…NOTHING!

According to reports, over the course of their blessed love relationship, Doug Reinhardt spent in excess of $2M while Paris Hilton spent precisely zero dollars and zero cents.  Doug paid for everything for them as a couple, and everything Paris wanted, including trips and lavish gifts.  The blonde hotel-chain-named-girlfriend apparently found her wallet too heavy to bother to carry.

So, do we file this little gossip nugget under “you get what you pay for” or “a fool and his money are soon parted”, or, more simply, “dang, boy, you are so stupid.”

What’s your pick?