Jennifer Lopez Could Be Serving Up Lunch On ‘Glee’ In The Near Future

It looks like Britney Spears isn’t the only Glee fan looking to get on the show. Jennifer Lopez outed herself on Ellen as a hardcore Gleek and said that she “offered” herself to the Glee producers for a chance on the show.

JLo told Ellen that she talked with the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy about doing a cameo but at the time it didn’t really work:

We want to … We want to do it but it doesn’t fit in… they have it all mapped out for the next like eight episodes […] So he’s like, ‘Let’s wait and do it really right when you do come on.’ I was like, ‘Yeah yeah, whatever. I’m a huge fan, whenever you want. I’m good.’ I kind of offered myself up.

However, JLo said that she wouldn’t be getting a Madonna-themed episode, Murphy told her that he would like to cast her as a cafeteria worker.

Oh well, we guess if you are a true Gleek like JLo says she is, you don’t really care what party you get.