Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing, Again

The words “Lindsay Lohan” and “trouble” have been thrown into a lot of the same sentences over the past, uh, six years, and sometimes it feels like wherever Lindsay goes, trouble follows.

Lindsay was named a suspect in the theft of her friend’s Rolex watch. Apparently, her friend accidently left the watch at Lindsay’s house but she didn’t know that Lindsay’s house rules are “Finder’s Keepers.”

The friend got the police involved and they questioned Lindsay on Wednesday but the disaster celebrity denied any involvement in the theft.

Having sticky fingers when it comes to her friends’ stuff seems to be a problem for Lindsay. She has been accused over the years of stealing clothes and jewelry from her friends’ houses and she made headlines in 2008 when she brazenly stole a Columbia student’s expensive fur coat from the cloak room at a New York club.

At this point, it almost seems like Lindsay’s friends are getting what’s coming to them. Everyone and their mother knows that Lindsay is a thief. Why would you want to be friends with someone like that?