Lisa Rinna Mega-Pouts Her Approval of Kate Hudson’s New Breasts

Good news, Kate Hudson’s boobs—Lisa Rinna gives you two thumbs up!

The oft-altered former Melrose Place vixen has parted her trout-like kisser to voice her approval of Hudson’s alleged recent breast enhancement, opining,

“I think everyone needs to do whatever they need to do to make themselves feel good. And it’s nobody’s business!”

This appears to be a shift in philosophy for Rinna, who earlier this year tore into Heidi Montag’s radically reconstructed new face, deeming it “not appropriate” and potentially harmful to her daughters’ psyches.

Then again, if Kate did go under the knife, it appears that she opted for a modest bump-up, and not the circus-freak approach that Montag seems to prefer. We’re just impressed that, at this stage in the game, Rinna is still able to move her lips enough to talk about anything.

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