Robert Pattinson Angrily Denies Kristen Stewart Engagement Rumors

Wow—Robert Pattinson really doesn’t want people to think that he’s engaged to Kristen Stewart. The New Moon hunk, who’s been plagued by rumors that he’s secretly betrothed to his costar over the past couple of days, is dismissing the scuttlebutt in no uncertain terms:

“This engagement thing is total bullsh*t, I don’t even know where it comes from.”

Umm, maybe it comes from the hopes and dreams of Robsten fanatics everywhere, Rob?

But just because he wants everyone to know that, nuh-uh, no way in hell is he marrying K-Stew, R-Pattz does have a few kind words for his non-fiancée:

“Kristen is my friend. I really like to work with her. She’s more mature than her age, a real professional, I couldn’t wish a better partner, because she makes my every move, every sentence authentic.”

And, we might add, she makes a very handsome woman.

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