Us Weekly’s ‘Hot Hollywood Style’ Party Wins And Loses (PHOTOS)

So, last night was the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration in Hollywood and we must say, almost everyone in attendance accomplished fashion FTW status, ALMOST everyone. Why don’t we begin with the good news, eh? Sure, the US Weekly fashion award was going to Jennifer Lopez but we’d like to give it up for little miss Kelly Osbourne. She’s really been stepping it up lately, you guys. Her dark violet hair is totally adorbs and the kitschy ‘Little Black Dress’ statment on the back of her LBD was genius!

Then we saw Audrey O’Day and wow. Just when you think it can’t get any worse some people take the time to remind you, it can. At least she’s outdoing herself in some way. It kinda looks like she stole someone’s UFC champion belt. Ugh.

Click through the gallery to see the rest of the best on the red carpet. Also, be sure to check out BuzzStyle for all of the latest celebrity looks.

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